Non-Tariff Measures Non-Tariff Measures

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Chapter Description
F4 Customs surcharges 51
F6 Additional taxes and charges levied in connection to services provided by the government 30
F61 Custom inspection, processing and servicing fees 1
F7 Internal taxes and charges levied on imports 152
F8 Decreed customs valuations 9
F9 Price control measures n.e.s 11
H Measures affecting competition 1
H1 State trading enterprises, for importing; other selective import channels 2
I9 Trade-related investment measures, n.e.s 3
N Intellectual property 9
O Rules of origin 64
P1 Export license, quota, prohibition and other quantitative restriction 69
P4 Measures on re-export 1
P5 Export taxes and charges 1
P6 Export technical measures 127
P7 Export subsidies 5
P9 Export measures n.e.s. 125