Non-Tariff Measures Non-Tariff Measures

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Chapter Description
B32 Marking requirements 11
B33 Packaging requirements 13
B42 Tbt regulations on transport and storage 12
B49 Production or post-production requirements n.e.s. 2
B6 Product identity requirement 120
B7 Product quality or performance requirement 133
B8 Conformity assessment related to tbt 3
B83 Certification requirement 3
B9 Tbt measures n.e.s. 28
C1 Pre-shipment inspection 2
C3 Requirement to pass through specified port of customs 5
C9 Other formalities, n.e.s. 20
D1 Antidumping measure 1
D2 Countervailing measure 1
D3 Safeguard measures 1
E112 Licensing for specified use 1
E6 Tariff rate quotas 10
F1 Administrative measures affecting customs value 1
F3 Variable charges 2
F32 Variable components 1