Non-Tariff Measures Non-Tariff Measures

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Chapter Description
A61 Plant growth processes 10
A63 Food and feed processing 2
A64 Storage and transport conditions 60
A69 Other requirements on production or post-production processes, n.e.s 30
A8 Conformity assessment related to sps 2
A81 Product registration requirement 1
A82 Testing requirement 22
A83 Certification requirement 80
A84 Inspection requirement 43
A85 Traceability requirements 34
A86 Quarantine requirement 4
A89 Conformity assessment related to sps n.e.s. 2
A9 Sps measures n.e.s. 28
B11 Prohibition for tbt reasons 10
B14 Authorization requirement for tbt reasons 140
B15 Registration requirement for importers for tbt reasons 34
B19 Prohibitions/restrictions of imports for objectives set out in the tbt agreement, n.e.s. 1
B22 Restricted use of certain substances 4
B3 Labelling, marking and packaging requirements 2
B31 Labelling requirements 21